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KSCI Online Privacy Statement

The policy set forth below is applicable to the Internet website operated by or for KSCI, Inc. (“Station”) located at, any other URL at which Station maintains it site, and all related sites that are offered by Station (collectively, the “Site”).

Use of the Site constitutes agreement to this KSCI-TV Online Privacy Statement as well as the KSCI-TV Website Agreement and Terms of Use. Station reserves the right to amend this KSCI-TV Online Privacy Statement at any time by providing notice regarding the amendment and continued use of the Site will be deemed to constitute agreement to the revised KSCI Online Privacy Statement.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, about information gathered by Station in connection with the Site, or about the operation of the Site, please contact the Station at:

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The privacy of individuals who use the Station’s Site is important to the Station. In connection with its operation of the Site, the Station gathers certain information about Users and explains to Users, in this statement, the type of information that is gathered, how that information is used, and how to restrict, correct or change the information.

Information Collected by the Site

The Station may collect through the Site two types of personally identifying information relating to Users: (1) personal data (e.g., names and e-mail addresses), and (2) aggregate data (e.g., information about patterns of use of the Site such as how many Users log onto the site daily, how long Users stay at the Site on average, etc.). The Station’s handling of each of these types of data is explained below:

Personal Data
Personal data is collected when Users provide such data to the Site by, for example, registering for or posting messages on message boards, bulletin boards and/or chat services (the “Community Areas”), by registering for games and/or contests (collectively, “Games”) or other promotional opportunities, by registering to receive electronic newsletters or other services offered by or through the Site, by answering surveys, by purchasing items from the Site, or by sending e-mail to the Site.

Aggregate Information
To assist in its collection of Aggregate Information, the Station may collect IP addresses. An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to temporarily identify a User’s computer when the computer is connected to the Internet. Web servers (i.e., the computers that serve up Web pages) identify specific computers by their IP address, and when a specific page is requested from a website, its servers log the computer’s IP address. A User’s session may be logged using the IP address, but the User, you, will remain anonymous to the Site. The Station does not link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable. Aggregate information, which may include the pages accessed by an IP address or specific information volunteered by Users, is collected through various methods and used for the purposes of system administration and to provide aggregate data to advertisers about the volume of use of Site.

Use of Cookies
Our Site also uses cookies to collect information. A cookie is a small data file that websites may save onto a User’s computer’s hard drive for record keeping purposes when a User visits the website. Cookies allow a website to measure activity on their site and to improve the visitor’s experience at the Site. For example, a website may place in the User’s cookies file (again, on the User’s computer) that User’s password and viewing preferences, thereby allowing that individual User to visit various sections of the same website without constantly re-entering the User’s password or preferences. The Station uses cookies to measure activity on the site and to make improvements and updates based on which areas are popular and which are not. The Station does not use cookies to retrieve information from any User’s computer that was not originally provided to the Station’s Site by the User. Except for personal information voluntarily provided by the User (i.e., during registration or while registering for a contest), the Station does not use information obtained from cookies for any promotional or marketing purposes, and no such information is shared with third parties. Advertisers on the Station’s Site may occasionally save a cookie to the computer being utilized by a User’s practice that is standard on the Internet. The Station has no control over the use of cookies by such advertisers or other third parties. Such cookies and the activities of advertisers and other third parties are not subject to the Station’s Privacy Policy. Internet browsers are usually set initially to accept cookies. Any User that desires to do so can usually set the browser that is being used to refuse cookies or to alert the User when cookies are being sent. Users are cautioned that some sections of some websites may not function properly if cookies are refused.

Use of Information Collected by the Site
The Station’s Site uses Personal Information and Aggregate Information that is collected for various purposes. The information is used to improve the content of the Site, to customize the content and/or layout of the Site for individual Users and to notify Users about updates to the site, promotional offers, and other opportunities that Station believes will be of interest to the User. The Station shares Aggregate Information collected from the Site with third parties for both advertising and promotional purposes. Personal Information collected by the Site may be shared with entities that are related to Station. The Station, so long as you have not told us not to do so, may also share Personal Information collected on the Site with pre-screened third parties for marketing or promotional purposes. The Station provides Users with an opportunity to request that information not be shared with third parties. If the Station intends to post any Personal Information on the Site or otherwise make it public (for example, publicizing the winner of a contest), the Station will notify the User of this intent when the User provides the information. Personal Information may also be shared as necessary with third parties who provide technical services to the Site, or host portions of the Site, provided such third parties agree not to share or otherwise disseminate this information other than as necessary to perform these services. Any User that objects to the use of Personal Information for any reason may prevent such use by modifying the User’s registration information using the procedures set forth on the Site.

Children and Privacy

Parents and guardians should supervise and monitor their children’s use of the Internet and be fully familiar with the websites visited by their children. The Station may ask, at various places on the Station’s Site, whether users are under the age of eighteen (18), and when appropriate under the age of thirteen (13), and when requesting personal information from either age group ask for parental consent. The Station must rely on Users to be truthful in responding to these questions.

Individuals Under the Age of 13
The Site does not knowingly collect information from Users under the age of thirteen (13) unless the User is notified during the collection of the information. Users under the age of thirteen (13) should not post or otherwise submit any information to the Site without the consent of a parent or guardian. The Site does not provide to any third party any personally identifying information, regardless of its source, that is collected regarding Users under the age of thirteen (13) for any purpose whatsoever unless the User is notified during the collection of the information. Users under the age of thirteen (13) must not participate in contests or other promotional opportunities.

Individuals Age 13 Through 17
The Site may collect information, including personally identifying information, from Users who are thirteen (13) through seventeen (17) years old, and this information may be used for marketing and promotional purposes by the Site and may, with the permission of the User, be shared with pre-screened third parties. Users under the age of eighteen (18) are requested not to post or otherwise submit any information to the Site without the consent of a parent or guardian. Users under the age of eighteen (18) or such User’s parents or guardians may stop such use by submitting an e-mail request or by modifying the User’s registration information using the procedures set forth on the Site.

Community Areas

Information posted to Community Areas becomes publicly available information. Users should exercise caution when posting to Community Areas, including all message boards, bulletin boards and/or chat services. Users under the age of eighteen (18) should exercise extreme care not to provide any personally identifying information while using Community Areas. The KSCI Website Agreement and Terms of Use sets forth the standards and restrictions that Users must follow when posting or otherwise submitting information to the Community Areas.

Links to Other Sites

The Site may provide links and pointers to Internet sites that are maintained by third parties (“third party sites”). Neither Station, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliated companies nor suppliers operate or control in any respect any information, products, services or activities of such third party sites. Such sites will not necessarily abide by the privacy policies stated herein. Users that click on an advertisement on the Site, for example, will direct their browsers to an Internet site controlled by a third party and over which the Station has no control. Some third party sites may use the trademarks, the logos, and/or the style of the Station’s Site as a result of a co-branding agreement or other arrangement between the third party and the Station. Notwithstanding the limited rights that may thereby be granted by Station to the third party, neither Station, nor its parents, subsidiaries or affiliated companies or suppliers operate or control in any respect any information, products, services or activities of any third party sites. These sites may send cookies to a User’s browser, may collect data, and may make uses of such data that the Station’s Site would not.