正在播出 :離婚律師
《離婚律師》(英文: Divorce Lawyers),《離婚律師》由吳秀波、姚晨、張萌、賈景輝主演。該劇講述離異後變身鑽石王老五的大律師池海東與感情受挫的單身女律師羅酈終日打離婚官司,屢屢在法庭上短兵相接, 但是經過一段時間的相處,羅鸝和池海東之間的關係也從單純的競爭對手發生了微妙的變化,平時愛吵鬧並且都不相信愛情的離婚律師慢慢地走到了一起。

播出時間 : [18.8] 周六至周日 3:00 PM | 2016年12月11日至2017年2月26日

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Currently Airing: Divorce Lawyers
Divorce lawyer, Luo Li, believes in love and marriage despite her specialty. While her colleague, Chi Hai Dong, believes love is lie and marriage is hell. Their professional warfare migrates into their personal lives when they found themselves neighbors in the same apartment building.

Air Time: [18.8] Sat-Sun 3:00 PM | December 10, 2016 to February 26, 2017