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正在播出 : 兩生花
《兩生花》(英文:Twin Flowers)劉愷威、王麗坤領銜主演,該劇以單親媽媽與失憶男子的愛情為主線,講述了一個關於遺忘、守護與重逢的故事。

播出時間 : [18.1] 週一至週五 12:00 PM | 2017年2月17日至2017年4月13日

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Currently Airing: Twin Flowers
Twin Flowers The drama tells the story of a single mother and a man, who just woke up, with amnesia. Hawick plays a man, who had just awaken from a 6-years-long coma, has no memory of who he is but only with a memory of Yan Song being his wife. Yan Song, though, insists she has never seen that man in her life! Their encounter spins into a pure love that is filled with many questions, seeking answers that lead to the exposure of terrible secrets…

Air Time: [18.1] Mon-Fri 12:00 PM | February 17 to April 13, 2017