洛城18台 (LA18 KSCI-TV), 自1977年起, 開啟南加州地區第一家多語言電視台, 致力於服務多元文化與多種語言社區與族裔, 包含華語, 韓語, 越南語, 日語和亞美尼亞語等五種語言. 40年來, 秉持著身為北美電視指標的堅持, 洛城18台一直在大洛杉磯地區領導著亞裔電視, 屢屢創下超高收視率, 雄踞亞裔媒體市場榜首.

Welcome to LA18, the leading Asian language television station in the U.S.

Founded in 1976, LA18 KSCI-TV is Los Angeles’ #1 Asian-language TV station bringing news and entertainment, in multiple languages, to the largest U.S. Asian market – composed of over 2.5 million Asian consumers. LA18 produces and airs 9 local shows: daily local news and variety shows in Chinese, Korean, and Tagalog.

LA18’s over-the-air signal covers 5.6 million TV households in the Los Angeles DMA. LA18 is also a must-carry local station on cable and satellite systems in the L.A. DMA.

In 2008, LA18 became the first U.S. station to multicast in various Asian languages on digital sub-channels. One of its premiere digital channels is the 24/7 Chinese-language channel, LA18.8 DT, that is carried on cable basic tier (Charter, Cox, Time Warner, Verizon FiOS) as well as free over-the-air.

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