LA 18 Featured in Los Angeles Magazine

Los Angeles Magazine once again puts a spotlight on LA 18 in its premiere Chinese language edition, following its first featured spread earlier this year in the February issue. The articles highlight the uniqueness of LA 18’s multi-language programs, which cater to LA’s Chinese, Filipino, Taiwanese, and Korean residents. It also explores the many ways LA 18 serves the Asian community by directly working with non-profit organizations and helping them with a variety of causes, including domestic violence prevention and foster care.

The two-page spread also features our very own LA 18 personalities, including Juliette (previously LA Living) host Juliette Zhuo, Halo Halo host Kat Iniba, Kababayan Today’s G Tongi and Tsou LA/ Midday Buzz host Bell Tsou.

In addition, the Los Angeles Magazine piece highlights some fun facts about LA 18 employees! Where does the Korean news team like to hang out for some soju and kalbi after work? How did Tsou go from being a flight attendant in Taiwan to becoming LA 18’s star host of not one, but two shows?

Check out the Mandarin article and the original:



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