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[News Y]는 연합뉴스 해외특파원망을 적극 활용하여 전세계 방방곡곡의 생생한 뉴스를 전해드리고 있습니다.

[News Y]는 사실보도에 역점을 두고 불편부당, 공정한 종합뉴스 채널을 지향하며, 다문화 가정, 해외 동포, 북한뉴스 강화, 한민족 공동체 의식을 함양할 수 있는 프로 등을 편성하여 다양한 시청자들의 주권주의 실현 및 알권리 충족을 위해 노력하는 프로그램입니다.

또한 [LA18 Prime News]를 놓치신 시청자분들을 위해 10시 재방송됩니다.

방송시간 : 24시간 무료 디지털 공중파 채널 18.9

The premier 24-hour Korean TV news channel, News Y of Yonhap News Agency, brings viewers coverage of the top domestic and foreign headlines on a real-time basis.

Yonhap News Agency is the largest news-gathering network in Korea. Yonhap keeps viewers abreast of the latest news and information by sending out fast, reliable reports.

Yonhap’s news service provides some 3,000 multimedia news items each day covering politics, the economy, society, culture, entertainment, sports, science, and other topics – helping viewers access comprehensive global news from a single resource.

Yonhap has 650 journalists and photographers posted at its Seoul head office, regional offices, and overseas bureaus. Of all the local dailies and broadcasters based in Seoul, Yonhap boasts the largest number of reporters covering provinces. Over 120 reporters posted in 13 major provincial cities write articles that help narrow the information divide between Seoul and provincial cities, balancing regional development and promoting unity.

The Los Angeles audience can now view the latest Korean news live and free over-the-air through LA18’s digital sub-channel 18.9.

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Air Time: LA18 24/7 digital sub-channel 18.9

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