Sponsorship, Advertisement & Collaboration Opportunities

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Banner ads, video ads, product integration – or all of the above? You got it!
Don’t be shy about asking us for rates: GenerationNow@la18.tv

We would be delighted to work with brands long-term. If you feel that your products or services will appeal to our viewers, please contact us.
Whether it is clothing, food, beauty products or fitness, we’d love to share our love for your brand with our viewers!

We are available to do product reviews and host giveaways with companies we think would be a good fit and high value for our viewers.

Let’s travel together! Whether you’re a travel agency, tourism company or a business located outside of Los Angeles, we’d love to represent you and share this experience with our viewers.

Do you have a strong network / social media following? Or are you just plain awesome? Either or both, let’s promote each other! Contact us for more details.

Interested in contributing as a guest host or Generation Now reporter? Send us your videos – show us what you’ve got!

Have any questions about working with, sponsoring or advertising on Generation Now?
Email us: GenerationNow@la18.tv

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