Social Media Tributes to Women

Today is International Women’s Day. We are so fortunate to be living in such a time where so many women have gone before and paved a way for us and for generations to come; we’re a generation raised by Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGenerous, Sheryl Sandberg and Michelle Obama, just to name a few.

Today, we celebrate strong women around us, who set incredible examples of empowerment and resilience. Here are some of my favorite tributes to women around social media:


Get it girl 👊🏽 Happy women's day to all my ladies, who show up every day, and get it done. Thank you, to all the feminine voices and influences who inspire, challenge, love, fight and empower. May we always lift each other up and grow in dynamic directions 🙏🏽💚 May we continually pursue justice and equality for all. Keep ya head up. Did you know: Ten percent of proceeds from every order in my shop, every custom order, commission, and every workshop, goes to Project Rescue to aid in the fight against sex trafficking in various countries around the world. Most victims of sex trafficking are women, and it is a heartbreaking reality that this issue exists today and the numbers are insanely high… I hope I live to see the day when trafficking is eradicated, when women everywhere are empowered and confident and know their worth and can make a life for themselves without fear, which won't happen without global awareness, strategy, empathy and constant fighting. Read more at Rescue is one piece of the puzzle, restoration, intervention and empowerment are vital parts of combating this complicated reality.

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#IWD2017 #ADayWithoutWomen

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Girl education matters. Did you know that more than 65 million girls are being denied access to school worldwide? Here @uheroes we're working to fix that. Our first goal for every rescued girl living in one of our restoration homes is that she graduates high school. And that's her goal too, because all over the world the one answer we hear to the question, what's one dream for your life? Is – "I want to finish school." Sadly, after years of exploitation these kids are often left with huge gaps in their education. But, with a lot of support and an awesome, dedicated team who is willing to stay up late teaching our rescued kids how to read, write and study for tests, our kids not only graduate, they soar. 👧👩🎓 — — — #internationalwomensday #IWD2017 #girlpower #girlsmatter #halfthesky #girleducation #womensrights #freedom #wednesdaywisdom #dayofagirl #womensday #beboldforchange

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By Hyeyoung Jung · Contributor

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