What Do People Mean When They Say They’re Extra?

How “extra” are you?

adj. added to an existing or usual amount or number
adv. to a greater extent than usual; especially
n. an item in addition to what is usual or strictly necessary

This^ is how the traditional dictionary (provided by Google) defines “extra,” but what has it come to mean in the 21st century? Consider Urban Dictionary:

over the top
excessive, dramatic behavior
way too much

In today’s world, “extra” has taken its definition to an extra level–extra is basically when someone goes so above and beyond that it’s almost outrageous (and entirely hilarious). Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it. Take a look for yourself at these 12 extra people:


1. The Guy Who Epitomized Extra #SaltBae




2. This Winning Boyfriend Who Made a Chicken Wing Bouquet for Valentine’s Day


3. The Extra Chiller


4. CeeLo Green at the Grammys


5. This Dog-Loving Mom


6. This Awesome Art Teacher


7. This Real Winner


8. Another Winner at Life


9. This Winning Mom


10. Her Winning Teammates


10. Extra Worker


11. More Winners


12. This Is Me!

So extra I just can’t deal! 😂😂

By Hyeyoung Jung · Contributor


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