PACS Happy Baby Campaign Interview

PACS (Pacific Asian Counseling Services) Executive Director Mariko Kahn chats with LA 18’s Cindy J. Lee about the non-profit organization’s latest campaigns and programs, plus the Happy Baby Photo Contest, sponsored in part by LA18. As part of the Happy Baby Campaign, the photo contest and calendar supports families with babies or toddlers. In this interview, Kahn also talks about the struggles the Asian community faces when opening up about their mental illnesses, and gives advice on how to overcome fear of being judged and seeking help that is desperately needed.

About the Happy Baby Campaign:
The Happy Baby Campaign is a fundraising effort to benefit babies and their parents and families. We want them to know that they are not alone in facing the challenge of raising newborns and young children – there are programs, resources and information out there they can turn to for help.

As part of the campaign, we’re running a baby photo contest and the winners of the contest will be featured in our 2017 Happy Baby Calendar.

Our calendar isn’t just a calendar. It’s about how these calendars will help the families PACS serves. There will be a short educational piece each month with tips and resources on how to raise children to be healthy and happy. There will be signs of healthy developmental stages to ways to parent better.

How do you enter the Happy Baby photo contest?
It’s very simple. Photos of babies 5 years old or younger are eligible for entry. Your baby can inspire other parents. Enter today!

Go to PACSLA.ORG/CONTEST to read the official rules and download the entry form. Just email the signed entry form and the baby photo to

What are some tips for entry?
• The photo has to be of your child and be one that you took so there is no question of ownership of the photo.
• The photo should focus on the child (baby thru age 5). Try to leave out group shots, events, etc.
• We want photos of children of all ethnicities!!
• Photos can be of children who are happy, being fed, running or doing some physical activity, even crying. We are open to all sorts of situations.
• Each participant can submit up to 3 entries.

What are the prizes?
• Twelve photos will be selected, one for each month of the year.
• From those 12 selected, there will be a grand prize winner who will receive a $100 gift card and will be featured on the cover of the calendar. Second and third place winners will be awarded a $75 and $50 gift card, respectively.

What will the proceeds of the campaign go toward?
• First of all, we are not selling the calendars. Instead, we’re raising the money through individual donations and sponsorships.
• Proceeds will help us to produce these calendars to give to each family in our early childhood and children’s programs as well as other families with young children in need so that the calendar will serve as a helpful resource about parenting and child development all year round.
• The money we raise will also allow us to purchase and provide needed essentials that are not covered under our contracts such as non-restricted funds for diapers, baby food, clothing, etc.

For more information, visit PACSLA.ORG/CONTEST.

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