LA18’s Exclusive Interview with Matt Damon & Zhang Yimou of The Great Wall

Who’s going out for a movie night this weekend?! As a lot of you may already know, The Great Wall is coming out this Friday, with Matt Damon playing a European mercenary in China during the Song dynasty. So why did director Zhang Yimou choose Matt Damon for this specific role? And why did Matt Damon agree to take the role? Find out on LA18’s exclusive interview with actor Matt Damon and director Zhang Yimou!

For those of you who don’t speak Mandarin, Matt Damon’s interview starts at 1:03 and a brief (and watered-down) translated transcript for Zhang Yimou’s interview is available below the clip. For those of you who can speak Mandarin, cheers!


Interview with Zhang Yimou (ZY)

Q: Why did you choose Matt Damon to play this role?

ZY: Well, the whole crew loves Matt Damon. He respects the Chinese culture and Chinese people very much, and really tried his best on this film. He did everything by himself and it’s hard to find such a diligent actor like him.

Q: What are your thoughts on the “whitewashing/white superior narrative” criticism?

ZY: It is challenging and difficult to be myself as Zhang Yimou in settings like Hollywood, and you have to make do with what you have. But in order to connect with a worldwide audience with something like the Chinese culture, I think it is important to first make the cultural elements understandable and approachable to people who aren’t familiar with it. And I think this movie is a great opportunity to introduce the Chinese culture in that way.


Matt Damon’s interview for Korean speakers:


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By Hyeyoung Jung · Contributor

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