Korean Celebrity Body Doubles to the Rescue

Ever seen Korean drama Doctors with Park Shin Hye? Park Shin Hye found herself in quite a bit of drama when viewers began to criticize her nail art, because it was highly detached from the role that she was playing (a surgeon). She posted a picture on Instagram apologizing for her lack of attention to detail, adding that she is insecure about her hands and was trying to hide her insecurities.

(Instagram / Park Shin Hye)
(Instagram / Park Shin Hye)

Park Shin Hye? Insecure? Really?

Korean celebrities like Park Shin Hye are incredibly gorgeous, but they’re also people and it’s unrealistic to expect every kind of perfection from them. Some may have finger insecurities like Park, some others feet, and some others, hair. Unfortunately though, the Korean entertainment industry (and, let’s face it, Hollywood too) demands physical perfection, and this is especially true when it comes to product advertisements whose success banks on the beauty of their celebrity models.

And it’s not just a matter of beauty, but commercials often take a long time to shoot. When celebrities are pressed for time, it’s sometimes more efficient to shoot body parts separately after the celebrities themselves are done shooting.

Cue body doubles. But not just body doubles, but more specifically body part doubles, like hand doubles, feet doubles, hair doubles, you name it. Usually in one commercial, when a hand or feet appear alone in one scene, it’s safe to assume that it’s done by a part model.

Here are top three most famous Korean body part doubles (try to figure out which hand is the double’s and which is the celebrity’s own):


Choi, Hyun-Sook

As a hand model, Choi shot at least 1,000 commercials to date, replacing the hands of most Korean female celebrities out there—from Yoonah of SNSD, Jun Ji Hyeon, Suzy, etc. Check out some of her works below:


Jun Ji Hyeon




Park Shin Hye



Kim Tae Hee


Wang, Seong-Hyun

As the male version of Choi, Wang doubled for some of the most popular Korean male actors, starting with Wonbin. His full hand modeling career is outlined on his website:


Won Bin


Lee Jong Suk


Jang Dong Gun


Lee Byung Hun


Lee Seung Gi


Kim, Hanna

Kim is both a hand and a feet double. You can see some of her work below and the rest on her website:


Black Pink (hand)


Han Hyo Joo (feet)


Kim Tae Hee (feet)


Son Dam Bi (feet)

By Hyeyoung Jung · Contributor


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