ATW: Peachy Spring Makeup | Get Ready With Me – Hana Lee

Hana Lee: Hi guys! Today is just a sit down get ready with me video of this orange, peach spring makeup look! I had a little ramble about my insecurities and issues with confidence and I cut a lot of it because it was SO LONG but also I’m really shy with my feelings O.O
I do want to be honest with you so I did want to leave it in because at this moment in time this is how I feel and even though it’s not great I want to share it with you because I don’t want to feel far away from you guys if that makes sense.
Anyways, I hope you like the grwm video and maybe you can relate to me a little bit? ALSO did you like how I added a THIRD color to my eyeshadow look? hahaha tried something new and i thought it gave my monolids some dimension!

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