How Many of These Lettering Techniques Do You Recognize?

I’m sure you’ve seen them by now. The strokes—whether curvy or straight, traditional or modern—and the swiftness of the pen. And you’ve probably wondered: why can’t I write like that! Some people have amazing penmanship, and it never gets old. In different techniques and languages from all around the world, these modern calligraphy and lettering techniques will soothe you when you most need. See how many of these handwriting techniques you recognize:


With Ink



With Aqua Brush



With Brush Marker

NEW BLOG POST! Let's talk about slowing down, remembering our staple strokes, and breaking our lines. What the heck does that mean, you ask? Creating consistent letters! And who doesn't want that!? (Answer: Satan) You can view this post at 💻 I teach this technique during my workshops and wanted to share it with you too! It's easy to get excited and forget all about those pesky staple strokes, but they really are the key to creating beautiful, consistent letters. I did NOT break the line in the above, see how my h and l loops aren't the same size!? Have a cheeky read of the blog post to find out how you can easily overcome this, and let me know what you think 😊✌.

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In Watercolor



In Gradient



With Embossing Pen




On iPad

• // l e t t e r i n g v i d e o // • 👀 I have got a ‘real’ paint brush for my iPad!! It’s the Sensu Artist stylus and you can get it from But don’t hit that ‘buy now’ button just yet – there might be a few things you might like to consider first: 1️⃣ It’s really fun to use a real brush on the iPad, especially with the Adobe Sketch app 2️⃣ It’s NOT pressure sensitive, which means you won’t be able to influence thickness or opacity of your brush strokes 3️⃣ You could achieve the exact same effect using your finger or the Apple Pencil (or any other pencil), but of course it’s not the same ‘feel’ 4️⃣ Should you buy one? If you are a gadget lover like me – of course! It’s fun and it’s another gadget to own 😂 But it won’t help with anything that you couldn’t already do with the Apple Pencil. Especially if you are an artist and used to painting with real paintbrushes I think you will be disappointed. ….
… • iPad Pro 12.9” 🖌 is ‘still-not-finished-yet’ • • Made with the #adobesketch and #Procreate apps on #iPadPro with #ApplePencil. Check bio for more info about Procreate custom brushes and practice sheets 😊 • #ipadlettering

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• // l e t t e r i n g v i d e o // • Today’s quote the #top100words challenge is very fitting (for me anyway!) I was sooo looking forward to getting home from work, sit on the couch and just practice my lettering for a while. It’s seriously the best way for me to relax and forget about everything that is bothering me. I wrote this quote at least 10 times, just because I enjoyed the process of putting one letter after the next and watch the brush strokes appear on the iPad. The nice thing about practicing my lettering is that it forces me to focus on the letters so I can’t think about anything else while I’m doing it 😊 iPad Pro 12.9” and 🖌is the ‘Glossy’ brush ….
… • Made with the #Procreate app on #iPadPro with #ApplePencil. Check bio for more info about Procreate custom brushes and practice sheets 😊 •

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With Crayola


How can you improve your lettering? There's only one way. Put in 👆 @crayola pip-squeak marker

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In Korean






In Chinese



In Japanese


「靖司(やすし/Ya Su Shi)」=A Japanese name @yasushi_spider さんからのリクエストです。 靖の月は下に開くイメージで書いています。 司は1画目の中に一と口を収めるよりも、口がやや左に出るように書くとバランスがよくなると思います。 参考になりますように☺🙏🏻 #あやこ筆動画 #日本#日本語#書道#習字#書法#ぺんてる筆#筆ペン#筆文字#漢字#ひらがな#楷書#行書#美しい#靖司#やすし#リクエスト #japanese#tokyo#nihongo#pentel#shodo#calligraphy#japanesecalligraphy#beauty#kanji#hiragana#fudepen ***** 《〈名刺のお名前を筆文字でお書きします〉》 安くて早い!送料無料!!デザインや用紙の種類が豊富な『名刺作成のファースト』様にて、お名前部分が@aha.shodo の筆文字の名刺のご注文を承っております✨ 一味違った趣のある和風な名刺、いかがですか😊? ***** −ご注文方法− ファースト様のホームページのご注文フォームにある『その他』の欄に、〈aya.shodo の筆文字希望〉〈綾子筆文字希望〉のようにご記入ください。 字体はご指定がなければ基本的には行書寄りになりますので、楷書をご希望の場合は〈楷書希望〉とご記入ください。 プロフィール欄からHPに飛べます。 ***** −料金ご案内− お名前部分のみ=名刺作成料金+2000円 さらに追加もできます。 肩書き=+1000円、ご住所=+2000円 ***** 🌿みなさま、いつもたくさんのリクエストをありがとうございます。 🌿投稿する字はリクエスト受付順ではなく順不同のランダムに選択させていただいております。 🌿リクエストは最新記事のコメ欄に、お名前などなるべく3文字以内でお願いします。 🌿お待たせしているリクエストが多数ありますので、お急ぎのコメントを入れてのリクエストはご遠慮ください。 🌿まだ書けていないリクエストがたくさんありますので、すべてのリクエストにお応えできないと思います。大変申し訳ございませんが、どうかご了承くださいませm(_ _)m 🌿リクエストでここにupされた動画・画像はアイコンにされたり(その際は一声おかけください)練習用に使用されたり、個人でお楽しみいただきますようよろしくお願いいたしますm(_ _)m(商業用目的などの無断使用はお断りいたします。) 🌿ぺんてる筆の中字(墨液)使用しました。 (This brush is a Pentel Fude "Chuuji''.)

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By Hyeyoung Jung · Contributor

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