ATW: Easiest Pasta Recipe Ever

Easiest Pasta Recipe Ever (Pasta Alla Checca)
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Recipe for Fresh Pasta (Linguine)

1. Pasta- any will do (6-8 servings or one pack)
2. Tomatoes- Cherry or Grape is the best (2 Cups of Tomatoes)
3. Fresh Basil (1 Handful)
4. Fresh Crushed Garlic (2-3 cloves)
5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Highest Quality (1 Cup or more if you want)
6. Fresh Mozzarella (1 Cup)
7. Salt and Pepper

Mix all the ingredients into a non metal dish (except pasta and mozzarella) and let sit for 2-8 hours before serving. When ready to serve, boil your pasta. Make sure to drain the pasta right when it is al dente (or before it is fully cooked). Put the mozzarella into the tomato mixture and stir. Pour the pasta into the mixture and stir. Salt and Pepper and serve!

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