9 Hair Tones by Guy Tang That Keep My Fingers Scrolling All Day

SIGHZ. What’s not to love about Guy Tang? His amazing hair color combinations and formula have dramatically changed the hair industry, and anyone who has seen his work will testify that you can’t ever just see it once and forget about it; it’ll have you constantly coming back for more. No hair color that he does is really ever the same, as this master artist will weave shades in and out of hair and create tones perfect for a client.

Of course, you can marvel at his work on Instagram all day (and night) long, but I’ve compiled my personal favorite eight tones and other colors that didn’t quite fit the categories.

Here are nine hair tones by Guy Tang that keep my fingers scrolling all day:


1. Lavender

#Hairbesties it was a great weekend for @guytang_mydentity in Chicago #americasbeautyshow it was so nice to meet y'all and making it so memorable! Here's one of my models on stage @danisuewho, she was a color correction and here's her formula: Started with mids foil in between then roots and then ends with #Mydentity #Big9 + 30v dedicated developer 1:1 ratio + @olaplex 1/32 oz Rootagé: 55g 10Dusty Lavender (DL) Permanent 15g Dark Shadows + 6vol Mids to ends: 10DL Permanent + 10vol dedicated developer then stroke COLOR MAX Ultra Violet dual booster on the surface while the Permanent Color was processing. @framarint meche between each section 30min at room temp. After wash, applied #Mydentity Vibrant Pastel Lavender Lust to zone 1&2 then add #Olaplex to sheer out ends in room temp. . Did you guys enjoyed both shows? What's your favorite technique? Thanks to my Guy Tang #Mydentity Artistic & Sales Team @arianasin @hairbynoora @guytangmydentityteam @cksullivan14 @cosmoprofbeauty

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2. Silver






HairBesties, as seen in my insta stories two days ago, My client @angiexlee is amAzing and I love her, this girl has so much hair! We lifted her to a level 10 on and her ends were level 9 from old colors from before. So 10ss (Silver Smoke) knock out all the yellow. We used @guytang_mydentity #Big9 crème lightener and 40vol and @olaplex with foils❤her natural level is 1-3 because she is dark in the back and lighter around the front. I gloss her hair with @guytang_mydentity demi color Formula 1:rootagé 6ss demi #mydentity olaplex Formula 2: 8ss midshaft @guytang_mydentity olaplex Formula 3: 10ss demi @guytang_mydentity olaplex Formula 4: 10ss and clear(coming soon) #mydentity olaplex ❤❤❤❤new tutorial coming soon later today on my YouTube channel!

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3. Darker Tones




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Repost from @emilythemermaid from the smoky tone we did over a week ago without her weave!

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4. Rose


#HairBesties, Today is the Big day that @guytang_mydentity #Mydentity is out at your @cosmoprofbeauty and @armstrongmccallofficial stores ❤go in now to buy all the #mydentity colors! I am gonna visit the store today myself and hangout for a bit! So exciting, I am gonna FB live as I enter so hopefully it's all there but #wedontknow 😳😂❤I used @guytang_mydentity color on my client @kristierose over her highlights a combination of #AmberRose (9AR) and #RoseGold (10RG) in Permanent with 6vol and added #DarkShadows to the formula for the rootagé mixing the Dark Shadows with Amber Rose allow me to create a natural deep rootagé 🌹her ends were level 10 and her mids were level 9 this shows how the variations take place on different levels❤What I love most is that the color is wearable. #Hairbestiesforlife #Evolve Together #HB4L

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5. Rose Gold





6. Pink





7. Caramel

HairBesties, you can also achieve natural creamy caramel highlights using @guytang_mydentity colors on natural level 5-6 with #mydentity permanent colors using shades 8SP, 10SP(SilverPeal) or 8DL, 10DL(Dusty Lavender) with 40vol❤I highlighted my models hair using 10SP and 10DL+40vol dedicated developer using foils and process for a full 30minutes! Permanent colors allows you to lift and deposit smoky tones to neutralize the natural warmth with maximum control! Silver Pearl will cast the most smoke tones to control warmth while lifting and Dusty lavender will help cast an iridescent cloud over the natural warmth that occur during lifting to give natural wearable result! The versatility is endless! ❤ it's not just limited to just silver or purple hair🌹 #mydentitybyguytang

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8. Mint

Icy holiday mint for all the festivities on @hairbesties_ @shadyondeck

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@hairbesties_ icy mint for the holidays ❄️❄️❄️🍃

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9. Misc



@hairbesties_ are you a shy HairBestie or an outgoing HairBestie? Ask me any question and let's talk!

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By Hyeyoung Jung · Contributor


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