9 Cake Artists Who Have Perfected Their Cake Craft

It’s another mundane work day, so you drag yourself to work. You haven’t had breakfast and both your esteem and your energy are running low. You force yourself through the office door, greet your coworkers around you, and plop into your seat. As you turn on your computer monitor a coworker leans over to whisper, grinning, “There are cookies in the kitchen. Home-baked!” Suddenly this knowledge brings your day out of the ordinary. You nod, resuming your cool and faking nonchalance, then as soon as no one’s watching you power-walk to the kitchen.

Bakers are incredible! A little homemade sugary something can really strengthen my day. I don’t have 1/10 of the talent that they have, so I do what everyone does nowadays when they want to accomplish something vicariously: watch tutorials for hours on end. Out of all the baking videos out there I find cake baking the most satisfying, because if you’re skilled and patient enough you can get the cake to resemble anything you want. After perhaps two hours (per night) of binge-watching tutorials for months, I feel now like I have perfected the art of cake-making. I know everything about it: what types of spatula to use, how to drape fondant over your cake, etc. I know how to stack tiers of 8-inch round cakes and carve them into the shape you want; what fondant even is and how to support heavy cake.

I’d try the recipes at home, if only I weren’t so busy watching these videos…

Here are nine cake artists who have perfected their cake craft:


1. Yolanda Gampp — How To Cake It





2. Duff Goldman — Charm City Cakes

These folded shirts are on point! 👈🏻

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It's a #Magic ✨ Monday here at the bakery with this #HarryPotter cake! #wizardlife

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Color me HUNGRY! Check out our #throwback Crayola crayon box cake! 🖍

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Feeling the #wanderlust with this #travel cake! 🌎✈️

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This bright #ombre #rufflecake reminds us that Spring is right around the corner!🌱👒😌

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3. Ashley Holt – Sugar Monsters

Sugar Monsters contribution to this insanely popular Geode cake trend. We just had to make our own! 😘 Thank you to Eric over at @theawkwardscone for letting SM have a space on your epic dessert table at the @nymag wedding cake show yesterday. It was an honor to be there 💗 a huge, gigantic, suffocate you while I'm hugging you thank you to our amazing cake artist @arwenofelves for executing the design I had in my head perfectly. I am so lucky to have you Shelby! The hardest thing I've found about growing your own brand is finding the right team to support you. I am so grateful to have the amazing team that I do. If you want to grow, you have to release control and learn to trust. Train, inform, be detailed and thorough. I'm very thankful to have that trust now ❤️ Sugar Monster take over is in full effect. So many exciting things to come this year 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰 support small business, support the arts, support girl bosses – head to the site if you're in need of something awesome xo #sugarmonstersweets

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4. Annie McTavish – Cake by Annie



Happy Valentines Day everyone! Photo by @iulia.agnew #sugarflowers #cakebyannie #valentinesday

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5. Olga Noskova

Cake😜🍰 My dears, very soon I am going to the USA 🇺🇸to New York, the ceremony of The Shorty Awards💁Thanks to you I'm one of the finalists 🙏😘 The ceremony will take place on the 23d of April🌟 And there will be only a couple of days☝️to make cakes for you in New York🗽So please feel free to contact my cake fairy by what's app 📱7 963 905 61 33 I hope to meet many interesting people and new friends in the USA😉😘 Торт 😜🍰 Хорошие мои, совсем скоро я собираюсь в США🇺🇸в Нью Йорк, на премию The Shorty Awards💁в финал которой я попала благодаря Вашей поддержке🙏😘 Церемония пройдёт уже 23апреля🌟 И у меня будет всего пару дней☝️чтобы сделать для Вас Торты в Нью Йорке🗽поэтому, желающие могут написать моей сладкой фее в вотсап 📱7 963 905 61 33 Надеюсь встретить в штатах много интересных людей и новых друзей😉😘

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In the next post I will have news for you 🍰🇺🇸😉 В следующем посте у меня будут новости для Вас 🍰😘

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Men's cake 🎂🌌🖤💙

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Пасха приближается🐣Easter is approaching💚#easter

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Внутренний мир тортов😜💜 Inner world of cakes🍰💜

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6. Violet Lin Tran — The Violet Cake Shop

A different angle of my @sugarart4autism cake based on the artwork of artist on the spectrum, Trent Altman (www.facebook.com/TrentAltmanStudio). A big thanks to Dina and Suzy, co-admins of this meaningful collab, for all their hard work and support! 💜💜 I hope you like my interpretation. To see more about my piece and other pieces by our group of awesome artists, please check out the collab page at www.facebook.com/SugarArt4Autism. ~~ Did you know 1 in 68 is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder? Now you do. Welcome to Sugar Art for Autism 2017, a group of confectionery artists from around the world who have come together to honor the 1 in 68 and do our part to raise awareness during this Autism Awareness month. @satin.ice gumpaste and fondant #SugarArt4Autism #1in68 #AutismSweets #AcceptanceIsAwareness #AwarenessGoneViral #AutismAwareness #thevioletcakeshop2017design #TVCScollabdesign #TVCScollaborationcake #torontocakeartist #instacake #fondantframes #cakeartist #sugarartist #cakeart #sugarart #trentaltman #paintedcake #artworkcake #satinice #satinicefondant #satinicegumpaste

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7. Laura Loukaides




⏪ Sushi Cake from 2014 🍣❤ • #Sushi #SushiCake #FoodCakes #NoveltyCake #SculptedCake #LauraLoukaidesCakes

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8. Zoë Clark — Zoe Clark Cakes

Jewellery box steps…..#zoeclarkcakes

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Giant cupcake carving! #zoeclarkbooks #giantcupcakecake #zoeclarkcakes

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Fun and fancy…

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9. Loren Ebert — The Baking Sheet



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