6 Best Moments in Fantastic Duo Season 1

You may have heard of Fantastic Duo, a Korean TV show where hopeful fans use a smartphone app to sing a duet with their favorite singer. The singer then chooses one fan to do a cover of his/her popular hit songs with, often resulting in phenomenal performances and eliciting emotional responses from the audience.

In light of LA18 airing Fantastic Duo 2 on Friday, April 14, here are six best moments in Fantastic Duo Season 1:


1. Yoon MiRae – “Memories”


2. Sistar – “Give It To Me”


3. Yang Hui Eun – “Morning Mist”


4. Sechskies – “Remember Me”


5. Lee Sun Hee & fan Kim Ye Jin – “I Always Miss You”


6. EXO & fan “Junrado Red Pants” – “Love me right”

Here’s a teaser for Fantastic Duo 2, set to start airing on 18.1 every Friday night at 10PM:


By Hyeyoung Jung · Contributor


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