5 Types of Miniature Art You Can’t Pass Without Looking Twice

Do you like tiny things? There’s been an ongoing fad with miniature art. Asians have long been associated with cute and petite preferences while Americans with big and practical, but some people have taken miniature to a whole another level. Cooking real edible food with actual ingredients, or building an entire doll house with tiny, handmade furniture, these miniature artists can reproduce anything in bite-size.

Here are five types of miniature art you can’t pass without looking twice:


1. Handmade Miniature Food (Edible)



A little miniature pancake, anyone? 😍 (📸 @tastemade) #miniature #miniaturekitchen #tastemade

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2. Miniature Food (Inedible)



3. Miniature Kitchen





4. Miniature House / Cafe


A little progress video for you…. still more to do but it's all coming together now 💙 #chatsfordmanor

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All sides of the miniature sushi restaurant. #sushi #sushirestaurant #miniaturesushi #miniature

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5. Miniature Tools




6. Misc

Chick wants to be a princess and asked for a crown. Chick became a pineapple instead. 😁🍍 #chick#pineapple#miniature

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Shop Update Few listings up on the website! 🙂 #breakfast#beans#miniature

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By Hyeyoung Jung · Contributor


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