10 MIDI Drawings To Brighten Your Day

Ever wonder what a bird drawing would sound like?

If you’re a 90’s kid like me, you probably grew up equating MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) with fun electronic ringtones on your T-Mobile flip phone. Or you might recall tacky MIDI versions of pop songs like Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On (except this one’s a lot better than the first one I’ve ever heard). Then, earlier this year, people with great talent started playing around with the idea…of drawing animals on the interface and creating music out of it, birthing the “MIDI art” phenomenon. What started out with a simple bird has now evolved into “storytelling in visual sound,” and…you just have to see it to hear what they sound like.

Here are 10 MIDI drawings to brighten your day:


1. Bird in the Rain


2. T-Rex


3. Unicorn


4. Bat


5. Outerspace


6. Elephant


7. Kitty


8. Yoda


9. The Adventures of a Little Girl


10. Super Mario

By Hyeyoung Jung · Contributor


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