The often misunderstood world of Afamsterdam takes a humorous twist!

The latest drama to air on LA18 is Kano Luvs Pinay, a television adaptation of the award-winning 2013 Cine Filipino Film Festival entry Turkey Man ay Pabo Rin.

This romantic comedy explores family and culture through a relationship between a Filipina single parent and her American fiancé. Their story begins with love and hopeful possibilities on an online dating site www.kanoluvspinay.com, but quickly becomes complicated as differences in language, upbringing, and strong opinions from friends and family become obstacles in their happily-ever-after.

Starring popular comedienne / TV personality Tuesday Vargas and American actor Lee O’Brien in the lead roles with veteran actors Boboy Garovillo and Ces Quesada, model / actress Wilma Doesnt, as well as theater actress Kiki Baento.

Directed by Randolph Longjas, this one-of-a-kind series infuses charm, family values and moral lessons alongside the real struggles and judgments that come with an interracial romance.

LA18 is the only place viewers can watch this TV5 drama in the U.S. free over-the-air for the first time.

Cast of Kano Luvs Pinay:
Cookie Bigoy | Tuesday Vargas
Matthew | Lee O’Brien
Itang | Buboy Garovillo (parent of Cookie)
Inang | Ces Quesada (parent of Cookie)
Osang | Wilma Doesnt (the supportive best friend of Cookie)
Girlie | Kiki Baento (the other best friend who strictly bans afams in her own love life)
Jon-Jon | Chok Chok Venida (son of Cookie)
Dong | Martin Escudero (Cookie’s brother)

Air Time: Mon-Fri 3:00 PM | November 22, 2016 to January 2, 2017

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