The Park’s Finest

G Töngi interviews Johneric & Christine Concordia of The Park’s Finest – the Echo Park restaurant famous for its fusion Filipino-American BBQ.

The Park’s Finest will be at FPAC25 this year, so be sure to get a taste there!

The place to get American cuts of BBQ with a Filipino flavor.

Not quite like Southern BBQ rib shacks nor traditional Filipino fiesta food. This is BBQ born from the backyards of Southern California boogies. 50% Mom. 50% Pop. 100% L.A.

Established in 2009 as a small-scale catering company, the family business has grown each year. With support from family, the block, and community, The Park’s Finest was able to open its doors to the public in January 2012. The Park’s Finest now functions as an eatery near Downtown L.A. that provides fast casual convenience with a sit-down dining experience.

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