“LA Living” Program Relaunch: “Juliette”

Embracing its ever-increasing popularity outside of the local Los Angeles community, LA Living relaunches as simply Juliette – trusted host and producer of the program loyal viewers tune in to watch daily.

With new graphics, set makeover, and a more global outlook for the future, Juliette is dedicated anew to deliver unique, stimulating content for Southern Californians as well as fans abroad.

Be sure to tune in weekdays at 5:30 PM on main channel 18.1 and on weekdays at 4:00 PM & 11:00 PM on LA18’s free 24/7 Mandarin digital sub-channel 18.8.

Catch up on previously aired episodes at www.la18.tv/juliette.

卓蕾訪談 節目在洛杉磯製作,是多年來在美國最受歡迎的中文電視訪談節目。


卓蕾訪談 每週五集,週一至週五通過ch18台,ch18.8台以及網路向全世界播放,迄今已播出了五千多集。


播出時間 :

[18.1] 週一至週五 5:30 PM
[18.8] 週一至週五 4:00 PM | 週一至週五 11:00 PM


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