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Much-anticipated historical drama Saimdang, Memoir of Colors is about an art historian, played by star actress Lee Young-ae, who comes across an old Joseon relic in Italy that contains the hidden secrets of Saimdang, the most revered female poet-philosopher in Korean history.

Air Time: Wed-Thurs 9:00 PM | February 16 to May 24, 2017 with English subtitles

사임당, 빛의 일기
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팩트와 픽션이 조화된, 작가의 상상력이 덧입혀진 도발적 퓨전사극

출연: 이영애, 송승헌, 오윤아, 박혜수

방송시간 : 매주 수-목 밤 9시 | 2017년 2월 16일 ~ 5월 24일
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