Naotora: The Lady Warlord on UTB Japanese Programming on LA18

There was “The Lady Warlord” who succeeded as a head of a clan, taking the name of a valiant male during the Warring States Period. Her name was “Ii Naotora”, the head of Ii clan that ruled a province called “Toutoumi”.

Every time in the war, the head of the clan was killed, and the princess “Naotora” was left to confront troubled times alone. While three big clans, “Imagawa”, “Takeda” and “Tokugawa”, were targeting the “Toutoumi” province, the only things which she could rely on – without power and resources – were her own wisdom and courage. “Naotora” ruled the province in cooperation with companions, protected a young heir’s life, and built the foundation of further development of the clan. The force that drove her life was her sincere love for her fiancé from childhood.

This drama draws in her turbulent life lived during the Warring States Period, by carrying through love and opening up her own fate.


Japanese-language TV station UTB (United Television Broadcasting Systems), previously on channel 18.2, currently airs select programs on main channel 18.1 every Sunday from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM and is available free, over-the-air as well as on all cable and satellite services as a must-carry channel in the greater Los Angeles area.

The current programming line up includes two dramas and local community news program SoCal Japan – all aired in Japanese with English subtitles.

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United Television Broadcasting Systems
UTB (United Television Broadcasting Systems, Inc.) is the first Japanese-language TV station based in the United States. The station first began in Los Angeles in 1971. UTB aims to share the Japanese culture to the people here in the United States while also providing necessary information such as news and current events to the people of the Japanese community. The company has continued on for decades following these two goals and is recognized as a major media source in the Japanese community. UTB’s programming airs on Ch. 18 LA18 KSCI-TV. The station covers Southern California. Viewers include Japanese, Japanese Americans, and other Asian nationalities. Also, UTB uses its showbiz environment to its fullest, creating a wide variety of TV shows and commercials that really represent the California lifestyle. In addition, UTB often works as media and production coordinators for companies from Japan.
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