How to Watch

LA18 is the leading Asian-language, over-the-air television station in the U.S. and a must-carry channel on cable & satellite systems in the Los Angeles DMA.

Free, over-the-air LA18 (18.1) main channel is available without any additional cost to cable and satellite subscribers.

LA18 Digital Expansion

LA18 provides 24/7 single-language programming over several digital sub-channels:

LA18’s Digital Television Information Center

Since June 12, 2009, all analog TV receiving programming “over-the-air” through an antenna needs to be plugged into a special television converter to receive digital broadcasts. To watch DTV over-the-air for free, here are several options:

  • Purchase a DTV Converter  OR
  • Purchase a DTV Converter w/ Enhanced Features  OR
  • Purchase a Television with a Built-In Digital Tuner  AND…
  • Purchase an indoor/outdoor antenna to enhance your signal receptivity

Advantages of a DTV Converter & Digital TV Set (Versus Pay-TV Service):

  • Free access to extra digital channels that provide different programs.
  • No monthly fee associated with Pay-TV services like Satellite or Cable.
  • If you are a Cable or Satellite subscriber, you can still watch LA 18’s digital sub-channels for free by switching your “source” from cable/satellite mode to TV/over-the-air mode on your remote control.
  • In some cases, you may have to “scan” for channels.


LA 18.8, the 24/7 Mandarin digital sub-channel for the Chinese community, is available over-the-air as well as on cable basic tier: Time Warner (1299/638), Charter (355/567), Cox (485) and Verizon FiOs (488). Subscribers of these cable providers can now access LA 18.8 Digital more easily than ever on its own cable channel.

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