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Eric G Interview & Performance - LA18 TV

#GenerationNow’s Kat Iniba sits down with New York based singer-songwriter, composer and producer Eric G. as he dishes on his latest album, “Black and White.” He will be performing for the first time in California on Sunday, December 11th in Carson.

#Music #Performance #ericg

Generation Now on LA18

2 days ago
Legend of the Blue Sea 푸른 바다의 전설 - Korean Drama Preview

Highly anticipated new #kdrama #LegendoftheBlueSea starring #JunJihyun & #LeeMinho premieres tonight at 9PM with English subtitles on #LA18!

Based on the story of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid and a classic Korean folktale, this love story between a man and a mermaid is told through different timelines that spans centuries.

In the Joseon era, the last mermaid on earth is caught by a fisherman and saved, then released back into the ocean. In modern times, the same mermaid struggles to adapt to human life in Seoul with the help of a genius conman.

https://goo.gl/9898qZ (Drama info, video, pictures)

4 days ago
LA18 Korean TV

*New Mon-Tue Korean drama alert!*
This new SBS drama #RomanticDoctorTeacherKim is a heart-warming story about Boo Yong-joo (#HanSukGyu), a genius and triple-board certified surgeon, who teaches Kang Dong-joo (#YooYeonSuk) and Yoon Seo-jeong (#SeoHyunJin) to become great doctors, never bending to authority and money. First episode airs tonight at 9:00 PM with ENGLISH SUBTITLES on channel 18. Tune in!

오늘 18.1에서 새로 시작하는 SBS 월화드라마!
바로 낭만닥터 김사부인데요.

이 시대에 죽어가는 소중한 가치들,
촌스럽고 고리타분하다고 치부되어져가는,
그러나 실은 여전히 우리 모두 아련히 그리워하는 사람다운,
사람스러운 것들에 대한 향수들..

이런 가치와 아름다움을 의학드라마로 그려낸
#낭만닥터김사부 첫회가 오늘밤 9시에 방송됩니다.

#한석규 #유연석 #서현진 주연
많은 시청 바랍니다!

*New Mon-Tue Korean drama alert!* This new SBS drama #RomanticDoctorTeacherKim is a heart-warming story about Boo Yong-joo (#HanSukGyu), a genius and triple-board certified surgeon, who teaches Kang Dong-joo(#YooYeonSuk) and Yoon Seo-jeong (#SeoHyunJin) to become great doctors, never bending to authority and money. First episode airs tonight at 9pm on 18.1. Tune in!


2 weeks ago
LA18 Filipino TV

New weekday Filipino drama #KanoLuvsPinay begins Nov 22 at 3:00 PM!

The latest drama to air on LA18 is #KanoLuvsPinay - a romantic comedy that explores family and culture through a relationship between a Pinay single parent & her American fiancé.

Their story begins with love and hopeful possibilities on an online dating site www.kanoluvspinay.com, but quickly becomes complicated as differences in language, upbringing, and strong opinions from friends and family become obstacles in their happily-ever-after.

Starring popular comedienne/TV personality #TuesdayVargas & American actor #LeeOBrien in the lead roles with veteran actors #BoboyGarovillo & #CesQuesada, model/actress #WilmaDoesnt, as well as theater actress #KikiBaento.

#LA18 is the only place viewers can watch this #TV5 drama in the U.S. FREE over-the-air for the first time.

Air Time: Mon-Fri 3:00 PM | November 22, 2016 to January 2, 2017

Click here for more information!

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Photos from LA18's post

Find out what's airing this month on LA18...
Addictive dramas, entertaining variety, and the top local news for the Chinese & Korean community!

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Timeline Photos

It's #ElectionDay2016! Have you voted yet?
Polling stations in LA County are open today from 7 AM to 8 PM. Visit www.lavote.net to find where you are supposed to go to cast your vote.

And tonight, be sure to tune in to LA18 for LIVE election coverage, starting at 6 PM.

Visit http://la18.tv/lavotes2016 for more info.

1 month ago
Photos from LA18's post

There are many propositions to consider on this year's ballot - are you informed?

LA18's Evening News (Mandarin local news) provides helpful details for our local Chinese community. See full 2016 CA Propositions Coverage here: https://goo.gl/QO6DJe

More importantly, learn how to VOTE by mail and other voting options by completing a simple online form by midnight on November 1, 2016: http://la18.tv/lavotes2016 & www.lavote.net.

1 month ago

Have you checked out LA18's exclusive GENERATION NOW? It aims to be the voice for #AsianAmericans, whether it's putting a spotlight on philanthropy, social issues or just pure entertainment.

Interviews for the past month include actor #TimJo for Fox's #Pitch, actor #LeonardWu for Netflix's #MarcoPolo, #kpop updates, and more!

Visit http://la18.tv/generationnow for more.

1 month ago
Generation Now October 2016


1 month ago

Are you registered to vote? Don't miss the registration deadline [OCT 24th]!

Get the need-to-know details at the link below & tune in to LA18's local Korean and Mandarin news for the latest elections coverage.

#registertovote #MakeYourMark #LAvotes

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Photos from LA18's post

What's on LA18 this month? New dramas, variety, and the best local news...

#kdrama #scarletheartryeo #jealousyincarnate #secondtolastlove
#chinesedrama #畢業歌 #小別離 #妹妹

Stay up to date with us:
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LA18 Filipino TV

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Register to Vote in the Upcoming Elections!

With the first presidential debate behind us, do you know which candidate will get your support?

Be sure you are registered to vote for the November 8th Presidential General Election - the deadline is October 24th!

For more information on easy registration steps, visit www.lavote.net.

#LAVotes2016 #registertovote #presidentialelection2016

LA18 KSCI-TV is proud to partner with the Los Angeles County Registrar as a part of their large-scale…

3 months ago
Kababayan Today

Newly opened Goldilocks Carson + Goldilocks Cerritos are celebrating their 50th anniversary! Watch our interview to find out discount codes to celebrate!

#Dessert #HaloHalo #Goldilocks

4 months ago
Movie Picnic Night with LA18

This summer season, join #LA18 at Movie Picnic Night - 夏夜星空電影院, brought to you by Sling International, for a free, outdoor Chinese movie event in Los Angeles.

The newest and most popular Chinese movies will be screened with English subtitles at Alhambra Park every Saturday evening beginning July 16 until August 6 for a total of four movie nights.

For more info, visit www.la18.tv & www.moviepicnicnight.com!
#MoviePicnicNight #Summer #LosAngeles

Free Outdoor Event in Los Angeles

4 months ago
Little Tokyo Service Center

Look, we're on TV! Big thank you to Mutual Trading Co., Inc. for treating us to a delicious tasting of some very rare and exquisite sake this afternoon on LA18's Mandarin show Midday Buzz. We'll share the video link when it's ready, but in the meantime, Starry Night in Little Tokyo tickets are selling out quickly - more info on sake.ltsc.org. See you on July 29! #LTSCSake #LTSC #LittleTokyo #DTLA #Yum #Hollywood #LA18 #LittleTokyoLiving #SakeFacts #StarryNightinLT

4 months ago
LA18 Korean TV

New #Kdrama premieres tonight on #LA18!

#WANTED: A heart-wrenching thriller about a famous actress who struggles to find her kidnapped son. In order to keep her son alive, she must carry out a mission on a live reality TV show following the kidnapper’s commands...

Starring award-winning actors #KimAhJoong, #JiHyunWoo, & #UhmTaeWoong.

Airs every Wed & Thurs at 9PM with English subtitles on LA18.

흥행 보증수표 여배우 정혜인(#김아중),
그녀가 은퇴하던 날 그녀의 아들이 납치된다.

납치범이 요구하는 것은 단 하나.
‘생방송 리얼리티 쇼를 진행하라!’

아들을 품에 안기 위해 인생을 건 엄마의
세상에서 가장 긴박하고 잔인한 쇼가 시작된다.

#딴따라 는 갔지만 우리의 수/목 밤을 지켜줄 #원티드!
오늘밤 9시 18.1에서 첫 방송됩니다. 많은 시청 바랍니다.

A Korean actress gets her son kidnapped. In order to keep her son alive, she must carry out a mission on a live reality TV show following the kidnapper’s commands. Will she get her son back? How far will people go for entertainment’s sake?

Tune in for a heart-wrenching first episode of [#Wanted] tonight at 9 on 18.1! #Hyeri and #Jisung are gone, but hello, #KimAhJoong and #UhmTaeWoong!

#Kdrama #지현우 #엄태웅

5 months ago

#LA18 introduces a new addition to its main channel line up to meet viewer demand for more Korean content: a digital sub-channel broadcasting only the best of #SBS programming.

Starting July 2016, this 24/7 Korean-language channel will offer a mix of SBS dramas (fresh and top-rated classics, all with English subtitles), the hottest variety shows featuring trending celebrities, and more – catered to the Asian American audience.

For program info, how to watch our free digital sub-channels, and more, visit the link below or www.la18.tv.

#Kdrama #RunningMan #Inkigayo #Kpop

5 months ago
Pokémon GO Reaction Explodes on Twitter - LA 18 Prime News

#PokemonGo was recently released & Twitter is already flooding with hilarious memes and GIFs.

Some wandered around the streets in their neighborhood last night to catch their #Snorlax instead of sleeping, while others took to the game to fulfill their morning workout routines.

In any case, while it’s noble to want to catch ‘em all, “Remember to be alert at all times” and “Stay aware of your surroundings!”

To see more memes & GIFs, click the image link below.

#Nintendo #AugmentedReality

Mon-Fri 8PM on LA18 KSCI-TV

5 months ago
New Facebook Scam - LA 18 Prime News

Have you ever had a friend try to add you on #Facebook with a duplicate profile? Then you have good reason to suspect scam.

The newest scam on Facebook is cloning profiles to gain easier access to users' private information.

For tips on how to avoid falling into this trap, read on at the image link below. (Article in English & Korean.)

#privacy #security for #socialmedia

Mon-Fri 8PM on LA 18 KSCI-TV

5 months ago
Timeline Photos

-#LA18 Talent Spotlight on Prime News reporter Daniel Kim-

For the best local news for the So Cal Korean Community, watch Prime News on LA18 Korean TV, weekdays at 8PM.

#KoreanAmerican #LosAngeles