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1 day ago
Whisper (귓속말) - Korean Drama

Monday night 4/24 at 9PM on LA18 - new #kdrama #Whisper #귓속말 premieres with English subtitles!

A legal thriller about a detective and a judge who fall in love while uncovering corruption at the national level. She’s a charismatic detective and he’s an honest, righteous judge. The two have a rocky start to their relationship as he fails to help her father who was framed as a murderer.

The two eventually form an alliance as they encounter scandals exposing the nation’s biggest law firm.

Starring #LeeBoYoung with #LeeSangYoon, #KwonYul, & #ParkSaeYoung.

On Air Schedule: Mon-Tue 9:00 PM | April 24, 2017 to June 13, 2017 with English subtitles, free over-the-air on channel 18 in the greater Los Angeles area.

For images, teasers and more, visit http://bit.ly/2pNG1qC.

1 day ago
Photos from LA18's post

Did you know LA18 airs #Japanese programming (UTB) every Sunday from 6-8 PM? Currently airing taiga #drama #Naotora: The Lady Warlord & #HanasakiMai Speaks Out 2 - all with English subtitles. Don't miss!


2 days ago
Timeline Photos

Know any kids with a talent for art? They should enter Hmart and LA18's #IHeartChildrenArtContest! Prizes include scholarships and more. 🏆🏆🏆

Registration open until April 30th - not much time left, so hurry!
Visit http://la18.tv/artcontest for more information.

5 days ago
Where to Find the Best Handmade Ice Cream in LA - LA18 TV

#Summer is fast approaching in LA. Here are seven best artisanal #icecream shops to cool your stress in #LosAngeles.

#dessert #foodie

6 days ago
LA18 Kababayan Today Viewer Survey - LA18 TV

Last day to enter our viewer survey giveaway for a chance to win a family four-pack of tickets to Aquarium of the Pacific! Perfect weekend outing for the warm weather 🐟

Visit http://la18.tv for more. Thank you for supporting #LA18!

Enter by April 19th, midnight. Good luck!

1 week ago
Hmart & LA18 I Heart Children Art Contest

Hmart and LA18 proudly present the biggest family event of the season – the first annual #IHeartChildrenArtContest in Southern California!

This FREE spring contest event will be held on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 in Orange County to celebrate our young children. Let your child’s unique vision and artistic expression help build toward their future.

PRE-REGISTER: First, fill out an application at any California Hmart location. Must apply at Hmart before participating. Application is free and will be accepted until April 30th, 2017.

CONTEST EVENT: After registering, participants will be invited to draw at the Art Contest on May 6th, 2017. The drawing theme will be announced at the event.

The Grand Prize is $1,000 Scholarship & Trophy / Award Certificate (1 person). 68 more winners will be chosen and gifted with $300 Scholarships (3 people) or Hmart Gift Certificates. See below for full prize details.

Fun activities will be available for every family member! Bubble play, face painting, balloon art, character costumes, kite making, mini games, and more!

Location: Forest Shelter area, Mile Square Regional Park | 16801 Euclid Ave., Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Date: Saturday, May 6, 2017 | 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM | Free Admission

Visit http://la18.tv/artcontest for more information!

2 weeks ago
LA18 Kababayan Today Viewer Survey - LA18 TV

Want to win tickets to Aquarium of the Pacific? Visit the link below and fill out our quick viewer survey (only 5 questions!) to be entered in the drawing. #GoodLuck!

Win a family pack of 4 tickets to Aquarium of the Pacific by completing our short LA18 Kababayan Today Viewer Survey! LA18 invites viewers to participate in a short & simple survey to be entered to win a family pack of 4 tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Complete the survey …

4 weeks ago
9 Strangest Museums in the U.S. - LA18 TV

Everyone's been to art museums like LACMA, MOCA, etc. But how about those places that house collectibles that we didn’t even know were collectible? There seems to be a museum for almost everything, from dog collars to lawnmowers…and yeah, even tap water!

Check out the link below for a taste of only 9 of the many strange museums in the United States:

#museum #weird #travel #ufo #badart #bunnies + more of the bizarre ahead...

LA18 Generation Now - Online Exclusive

1 month ago
10 Non-Koreans Who Speak Korean Better Than Some Koreans - LA18 TV

Have you ever watched a Korean drama wishing you didn’t need subtitles?

Thankfully, enough online streaming websites now provide not only English but multi-language subtitles. Even then, it’d be nice to learn the language and all the cultural nuances so that you don’t ever have to miss a joke, right? Well, there is hope! Meet these 10 people from all around the world who are absolutely astonishingly fluent in #Korean and let them inspire you.

Some speak better Korean than Koreans themselves! (Turn on subtitles...)

#kdrama #YoonMiRae #SamHammington #luckyinkorea #SamOkyere #TylerRasch


Generation Now - LA18 Online Exclusive

1 month ago

Get ready, Austin, TX – Kollaboration is bringing some serious #AsianAmerican talent to South by Southwest (#SXSW)!

#LA18_GenerationNow’s Cindy J. Lee sits down with singers Megan Lee, Melissa Polinar, actor Dante Basco and Kollaboration">#Kollaboration Executive Director #MinjiChang to talk about representing at the annual music and film festival.

Kollaboration will be hosting an interactive conference titled “Asian Americans Break the Silence & Stereotypes” and the first official Asian American showcase in SXSW.

To watch the full interview (insightful, fun, empowering), click the link below:

1 month ago
Get Used To It

Friends & fam! Thank you so much for your continued support! Lots of you have asked what's next for us so check out our LA18 Generation Now interview with Kat Iniba to learn more! http://la18.tv/generation-now/josephine-leily-melanie-anne-padernal-get-used-series/

1 month ago
13 Dessert Trends That Carried Onto 2017 - LA18 TV

Have you seen #BloomingMarshmallows - a new invention by #DominiqueAnsel, you know, the same pastry chef who invented the #cronut?!

I know all this #dessert talk is getting your mouth watery, especially if you have a #sweettooth. Trends come and go in the dessert world & elsewhere (Hello Pinkberry and Froyo), & it’s exciting to see people’s creativity unfold.

Click the link below for 13 dessert trends that bloomed in 2016 (some in the years before) & going strong into 2017.

#foodporn #bingsoo #loopchurros #lightbulbdrink

LA18 Generation Now - Online Exclusive

1 month ago
Photos from LA18's post

March programs on #LA18 include top dramas, variety, local news. Tune in to your favorites & catch up on past episodes of our local programs on www.la18.tv!

#Saimdang #Defendant #InnocentDefendant with English subtitles + #MoonlightDrawnByClouds for Chinese viewers!


1 month ago
Do You Know These 6 Asian Characters? - LA18 TV

In America we have the iconic #MickeyMouse and #BugsBunny - fictional characters that exist inside a cartoon and its universe, whether on TV, movie screens, or paper.

Not so much in East Asian cultures, particularly ones in Japan and Korea.

Sure, there are fictional characters from #Pokémon to #SailorMoon, but the characters in East Asia are not always from a cartoon or an anime. Sometimes they’re birthed as a franchise to reflect a cultural sentiment for the purpose of selling merchandise to their respective generation.

The stories are the characters and the characters, the story.

Click the link below to get a refresher on 6 notable characters that were popular in Asia!

#HelloKitty #Mashimaro #Gudetama

1 month ago
10 Photos That Will Get You Back on The Fitness Grind - LA18 TV

How is it already almost March and how are you faring at your New Year’s resolutions? According to New Years Resolution Statistics, 21.4% of respondents set goals to lose weight / eat healthy, and 12.3% said they wanted to invest in life / self improvements.

If you’ve made that dedication to be #healthy and #fit, you know how much hard work goes into making this a reality. Need a little motivation to keep you in line or to reignite your drive? Click on the link below for reasonable fitness challenges + before-and-after pictures of others making it work to empower you!

#EatHealthy #Fitness #LoseWeight #BelieveInYourself!

LA18 Generation Now - Online Exclusive

2 months ago
LA18 presents The Great Wall Giveaway

Have you checked out LA18's #TheGreatWall Giveaway yet? Friday (2/24) 5:00 PM is the last day to enter!
Here are a couple of hints for the scavenger hunt:
(1) http://la18.tv/generation-now/la18s-exclusive-interview-matt-damon-zhang-yimou-great-wall/
(2) http://la18.tv/about/how-to-watch/

Find three more and fill out the entry form at http://la18.tv/thegreatwall!
#Contest #China #Lucky~

2 months ago
What Do People Mean When They Say They’re Extra? - LA18 TV

In today’s world, “extra” has taken its definition to an extra level–extra is basically when someone goes so above and beyond that it’s almost outrageous (and entirely hilarious).

Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it.

Take a look for yourself at these 12 extra people at the link:

#extra #funfacts #internetslang #weekend

2 months ago
Saimdang, Memoir of Colors (사임당, 빛의 일기) Korean Drama Preview

TONIGHT! Much-anticipated #kdrama about an art historian, played by star actress #LeeYoungAe, who comes across an old Joseon relic in Italy that contains the hidden secrets of #Saimdang, the most revered female poet-philosopher in Korean history.

Lee Young-ae also plays the part of the ancient poetess in prolonged flashback sequences that slowly reveal the mystery behind the artifact. She’s both historian and subject, in the present and past.

This drama has been long awaited by fans since filming finished last summer and it has received much attention because it will be Lee Young-ae’s first comeback to the small screen since her international fame-launching drama, #DaeJangGeum (#JewelinthePalace) 14 years ago. Co-starring another international star #SongSeungHeon as Saimdang’s devoted lover, this drama is also expected to be a global success~

Air Schedule: Wed-Thu 9:00 PM | February 16 to May 31, 2017 with English subtitles

#SaimdangLightsDiary #사임당빛의일기
For drama information, pictures and more visit http://bit.ly/2krCvmu

2 months ago
LA18 Presents The Great Wall Giveaway

LA18 presents THE GREAT WALL GIVEAWAY for an amazing chance to win a trip to China!

In celebration of the fantasy epic #TheGreatWall, in theaters February 17th, win a trip for two to Beijing where you can visit the Wall for real – one of the world’s greatest wonders, stretching 5,500 miles long.

•Round-trip coach class airfare for 2 to Beijing & transportation from the airport to hotel
•4-night stay at the luxurious 5-star Sofitel Wanda Hotel
•A once-in-a-lifetime visit to the Great Wall
•A guided tour of Beijing’s greatest sites – including the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace
•Spending Money ($1,200)

Visit http://la18.tv/thegreatwall and follow the instructions to complete the entry form.

Good luck!

#Contest #Travel to #China!